Feature Film

Stories of Dark Town: The Lock / Teaser 3

One morning in a highly secured prison, 10 prisoners are found dead mysteriously. Erol, Chief of Homicide Bureau, and Selin, Intelligence Officer are tasked with investigating the murders. The only lead they have is the fact that these prisoners are convicted with the same felony for a second time. According to their autopsy reports the cause of death for each case is the same: heart attack. But the truth is utterly different from that.

Category: Feature Film
Year: 2020
Company: Dark Town Pictures
Genre: Crime, Thrill
Cast: Mert Fırat, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Timur Acar, Asuman Dabak, Tuğçe Karabacak, Gökhan Tevek and Mustafa Alabora
Producer: Arif Valizade
Director: Adil Oğuz Valizade
Director of Photography: Gürol Beşer
Executive Producers: Melik Akkaya, Mir Zafer Kaya