Yemen: The Legend Hidden in the Ballad

Yemen, just like today, was the scene of sectarian conflicts and revolts in the 400 year long period under Ottoman rule. The Empire had to not only deal with local insurgents but also with imperialist states. Despite all types of Ottoman aid and military support, regional sovereignty moves of Zaidi Imams brought along destruction. When the southern door of Holy lands had to be deserted, hundreds of thousands of martyrs were also left behind. The cry of Anatolian people, who sent their soldiers onto local insurgents, imperialist powers, rough nature conditions, hunger, sickness and death, turned into a song and left a marked Yemen in History. “Yemen – The Legend Hidden in the Ballad ” sheds light on the footprints of Yemen in the lead of a composition. This documentary, has been awarded as “Best Documentary” at 8th International TRT Documentary Awards.

Category: Documentary
Year: 2016
Company: Yemen Film Yapım
Producer: Uluç Yemen Aslan
Director: Ünal Üstündağ
Project Consultant: Arif Valizade