Dark Town Pictures


Co – Production

Dark Town Pictures is open mind company that glad to involve to your all projects. We will work as marketing partner, help with our line production services or even investing to your movie, series or documentary projects.


Project Design

Dark Town Pictures will provide you best project just like tailor made. We will design from zero according to your needs like client, budget, deadline, stream platform, theme, concept etc.



Dark Town Pictures will help you to write your ideas. Commercial scenarios, series, movies, documentaries… We will write your scenario with our professional, experienced team in different languages. Also we can read your scenarios and will be “scenario doctor” of your documents.


Line Production

Dark Town Pictures line produces your films by offering a wide spectrum of film and television equipment, multiple language speaking crews for your needs, trained manpower, all logistics including wide ranging lodging –boarding, transportation, all production related services and support anywhere in Turkey.


Equipment Rental

Dark Town Pictures provides the right and the best equipments that is needed for the project. From an action movie project to a Tabletop commercial shoot we know which right team and equipments are needed for a successful project.


Location Scouting

We will search the best location options for your project. We even guide you on the best seasons to shoot, lighting conditions, and with logistics availability at the location.


Travel Solutions and
Accomondation Services

As Dark Town Pictures, we have a lot of business partnership with tourism industry. We will offer you best price and best quality in flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, speical events and tours and guidence. We can make your travel organizations according to your shooting schedule.

Legal Permissions and Cash Rebate

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey has a new implementation which is just for foreign customers. If you are planning to shoot; Feature Film, Documentaries or TV series, the government gives rebates up to %30. Also we will be able to take all permissions for your shooting from legal authorities.